Boosting Innovation in Medtech through Research

Since 2020, Acrotec Medtech has proudly operated a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department, strategically focused on driving innovation within each company of the group while fostering cross-company synergies. This dynamic team of seven high-level engineers, proficient across diverse fields of industrial machining, is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in precision manufacturing for medical technologies.

Acrotec Medtech Research and Development

Meaningful Collaborations

By fostering a culture of collaboration among our companies and with our clients, we aim to catalyze breakthroughs in medical device development which elevate our collective capabilities and drive progress across the entire organization.

Proprietary Solutions

With a team comprising experts from various fields of industrial machining, our R&D efforts span a wide spectrum of innovation in the field of medical technologies. From pioneering expertise in handling challenging materials to developing proprietary machining processes, tools, and technology exclusively for the medtech industry, we proudly nurture a culture of creativity and exploration.

Efficiency and Sustainability

A central objective of our R&D endeavors is to enhance efficiencies across manufacturing processes and throughout the entire value chain in medical device development. Furthermore, in response to the growing imperative of sustainability in all fields of manufacturing, including the development of medical innovations, we place much attention to developing environmentally friendly, regulatory compliant and socially responsible practices across our operations.

Quality and Precision

At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to quality and precision. We continually strive to develop solutions that set us apart in these critical areas, ensuring that Acrotec Medtech remains the preferred partner for all medical technologies and medical component manufacturing services.

Discover why clients choose to work with Acrotec Medtech

Discover why clients choose to work with Acrotec Medtech

Acrotec Medtech delivers comprehensive contract manufacturing, merging Swiss precision, cutting-edge technology, reliable customer service and global presence to provide customized medtech solutions with unmatched quality, efficiency, and durability.

Acrotec has received the “Best Managed Companies” award in 2022 and 2023.
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30. May 2024

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Acrotec Medtech at OMTEC 2024 : A Synergy of Precision and Innovation