why clients choose acrotec medtech

Why Clients Choose Acrotec Medtech

Here are 7 reasons why clients choose us

ISO 13485 medical certificate
acrotec medtech precision machining

Masters of Precision Machining

  • With a rich legacy of Swiss excellence, Acrotec Medtech brings decades of unmatched expertise in precision machining and micro-machining.
  • Our commitment to quality, precision, and attention to detail has been honed through years of experience, positioning us as a trusted partner for medical OEMs seeking the highest standards in machining for their critical medical components.
why clients choose acrotec medtech client collaboration

Cutting-edge Technology and Highly Skilled Workforce

  • Acrotec Medtech stands at the forefront of technology, employing a large pool (800+ machines) of cutting-edge machinery and harnessing the expertise of skilled engineering professionals.
  • Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements ensures that our clients benefit from state-of-the-art solutions, innovative processes, and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of medical equipment manufacturing.
precision machined medical implant

Custom Medical Components

  • Backed by strong expertise across precision machining processes, Acrotec Medtech combines traditional Swiss machining with advanced tooling and proprietary manufacturing processes. This unique blend of experience and innovation results in optimized manufacturing solutions and a high level of customization, allowing us to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality.
acrotec medtech highly automated production

Highly Automated Production

  • Keeping at pace with manufacturing advancements, we cultivate a cutting-edge, highly automated manufacturing environment, ensuring efficiency and consistency in every step of the process. Automation not only enhances precision but also accelerates production timelines, providing clients with reliable and timely delivery of their components.
acrotec medtech global presence

Global Presence

Strategically positioned for global reach, Acrotec Medtech’s geographical proximity to key markets results in a lower cost of shipment and shorter time to market. Our ability to actively engage with clients worldwide contributes to a streamlined logistics process, providing a competitive advantage in the global medical equipment manufacturing landscape.

from prototyping to large series

From Prototyping to Large Series (1M+ Parts)

Acrotec Medtech caters to the complete spectrum of medical components manufacturing needs, from prototyping to small and large series production. This versatility allows our clients to navigate the entire product development lifecycle with a single, trusted partner, ensuring consistency and continuity from the initial concept to mass production.

client collaboration

Client Collaboration

Our client-focused approach ensures that clients are supported at every stage, fostering open communication, collaboration, and a positive experience from project inception to completion. In this way, Acrotec Medtech offers the best of both worlds — exceptional customer service characteristic of a specialized shop combined with the scalability of a large equipment producer. This unique blend ensures personalized attention to each project while maintaining the capacity to handle large-scale production requirements, providing our clients with flexibility and reliability.


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