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Precision Machining Pioneers

At Acrotec Medtech, our strength lies in the collective expertise and excellence of our member companies, each specializing in distinct areas of precision machining. These precision pioneers are united by a shared commitment to innovation, ethical operations, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Precision Machining Specialization

Our member companies are experts in precision machining, spanning a wide array of specializations such as CNC turning and milling/Swiss machining, micro-machining, laser-cutting, marking and welding, surface treatments, and complementary processes.

Rich Traditions

Our member companies boast a rich heritage, often as family-owned businesses, with long-standing traditions of precision-machining excellence.

Renowned Clientele

Our companies are highly successful and profitable, serving as trusted partners to renowned medtech OEMs, a title earned through their commitment to delivering quality and value.

Global Reach

Together, we cover extensive geographies, spanning from the northern United States, across Europe, to Asia, ensuring our clients have access to a global network of precision machining solutions.

Ethical Values and ESG Focus

Upholding a common set of values, our member companies prioritize ethical operations and are dedicated to strong ESG practices. We foster excellent relationships with clients, collaborators, suppliers, and ensure the well-being of our valued employees.

Unifying Vision

A shared vision drives us all: to lead innovation in medtech manufacturing. We design and manufacture innovative products with a focus on patient well-being, offering a competitive advantage that distinguishes us as the partner of choice for our clientele.

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Together, our member companies form a dynamic ecosystem that empowers us to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions in precision machining. Explore the diversity and expertise within our group, and discover how we are redefining precision in the world of medtech manufacturing.


AFT Micromécanique

Expert Medtech Precision Machining

Specialists in the creation of medical implants and surgical instruments for over 20 years, AFT Micromécanique provides the know-how and latest generation technical facilities to respond to the strict requirements of the medical market.

Axial Medical

Medical Implants Manufacturer

From prototype to large volume production, Axial Medical specializes in medical implants manufacturing, including complex spine implants, reconstructive, trauma, extremities and sports medicine applications. A partnership with Axial will get your products into the field on time and on budget.


Turnkey Medtech Solutions

Located in Galway, Ireland, Dawnlough partners closely with global multinational and startup Medtech firms, offering end-to-end solutions from design to precision manufacturing and assembly. Our expertise ensures reliable, scalable solutions meeting stringent quality standards.


Medical Parts Supplier

Décovi specialises in precision machining of medical and laboratory equipments components - orthopaedic and dental implants, surgical instruments and parts for medical and laboratory devices. Our production is fully compliant with international standards required for the industrialisation, development, traceability and quality control involved in the production of medical equipment.

Diener AG Precision Machining

Swiss Medtech Precision Machining

Diener Precision Machining showcases considerable expertise and extensive experience in the manufacturing of medical implant and device components, while keeping customer satisfaction as our goal. Doctors and patients alike rely on medical devices, implants and instruments manufactured by us. We are proud that our services are becoming increasingly important in the health sector.

Diener Precision Pumps

Precision Medical and Laboratory Pumps

Diener Precision Pumps manufactures custom gear and metering pumps tailored for the exact needs of our OEM customers. Made from chemically inert FDA-wetted materials and distinguished by exceptional precision, reliability and durability, our precision pumps are used in various medical applications, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis machines, In-Vitro Diagnostics systems, sterilization equipment and more.

Friedrich Daniels

Custom Surgical Instruments

Friedrich Daniels has exceeded the needs of the orthopedic community with expert production of custom and commercial orthopedic instrumentation for over 75 years. The manufacturing of prototypes and custom instruments according to our clients' requirements, even in extremely small series or single pieces is one of our many strengths.


Precision Laser Marking, Cutting and Micro-welding

We offer precision laser micro-welding, laser cutting and laser marking services for medical implants and instruments of the highest quality. Our laser manufacturing techniques are compatible with all current and new medical-grade materials: nitinol, titanium, tantalum and stainless steel.


Synthetic Jewels for Medical Technologies

Pierhor-Gasser produces synthetic rubies, sapphires and spinels for cardiovascular medical implants and surgical instruments. As Swiss leader in the machining of synthetic jewels for the watchmaking field, having obtained the ISO 13485 certifications, we are today applying this expertise to the manufacturing of precision jewel components for advanced applications in the MedTech industry.

Saulcy Traitement de Surface

World Leader in Surface Treatments

STS is a global leader in surface treatment processes, employing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the functionality, durability, and biocompatibility of medical instruments and technologies of medical OEMs worldwide.


Agile Manufacturing for Medical Technologies

Takumi offers a range of agile manufacturing services, complementing our partners' in-house competencies. Whether subcontracting medical device manufacturing processes or providing full solutions, we offer machining expertise in various metals and plastics, along with tailored surface finishing and cleaning.

Team Metal

High-Mix Low-Volume Medtech Components Manufacturer

Team-Metal is an ISO13485-certified contract manufacturer of custom components for medical devices and life science equipment. Team-Metal provides clients with a turnkey medical manufacturing service, including engineering, machining and assembly of custom medical components according to a high-mix low-volume manufacturing model.


Precision Machined Medtech Components

Tectri has been manufacturing state-of-the-art medtech machined components including surgical implants and instruments for the world’s leading medtech OEMs for over 20 years. Our medtech components meet the highest medical standards for invasive surgery. Our expertise in machining of medtech components from biocompatible materials with very little tolerance plays an important role in surgical success and patient recovery.


Micro-components for Medtech Applications

Watchdec specialises in CNC turning and cutting of precision micro-components for various Medtech applications. We serve clients with small to large series​ of micro-components of up to Ø10mm in diameter.