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Mission and Values

The Mission​ of Acrotec Medtech is to use innovations to provide our customers high quality tailor-made medical technologies that give them a genuine competitive advantage, while committing to common group values and upholding best ESG practices.

Collaborate to Innovate

Leveraging the strength of our extensive pool of precision-machining talents, we aim to create bespoke solutions that precisely align with the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Partners for Success

With the patients’ comfort and wellbeing in focus, we are committed to developing efficient and innovative solutions that offer our clients a distinct competitive edge while meeting all regulatory standards.

Common Growth

Prioritizing the wellbeing and ongoing growth of our employees and embracing sustainable practices, we foster an environment conducive to mutual prosperity, ensuring we remain our clients’ partner of choice for collective advancement.


Our guiding vision is to actively contribute to the performance of our OEM partners in order to earn their trust and loyalty for the long term and enable mutual growth.​

We achieve this by:

  • increasing their technological performance
  • making their products unique
  • reducing their production costs
  • and offering exceptional end-to-end support.

Our technical innovations and the conformity of our products and technologies make all this possible.



We unite visionary business leaders who have founded and continue to nurture their enterprises with courage and determination that permeates further onto their teams, not shying away from bold ventures while continually aiming for progress in all fields.


We hold and show unquestionable respect for the individuality of our clients, the diverse talents that animate our companies and the rich histories that shape each one of them.


The independence of our company is paramount. Acting autonomously without external executives or operational dependencies is woven into our DNA. It enables innovation, initiative, audacity, and continually fuels our teams’ dynamism.


We uphold transparency, loyalty, honesty, and fairness in interactions among the companies within the group, with our valued customers, and in our collaborations with business partners.



We are our clients’ partners and not mere service providers. We make effort to build and foster effective long-term relationships among our companies and with clients.

Spirit of Innovation

We don’t settle for ready solutions. We build upon our experience to come up with new innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of each of our clients.

Excellence in Precision  

Our legacy of precision machining excellence, cultivated over decades, is the cornerstone of our group’s strength. We consistently deliver impeccable precision and unwavering attention to detail that sets industry benchmarks.

Diversity of Talents 

The span of our talents is our strength. We gather experts in diverse precision machining techniques, geographically positioned to give us a good competitive advantage worldwide.

Swiss Mindset (Precision, Reliability, Quality) 

Embedded within our DNA is the quintessential Swiss spirit of precision, reliability, and uncompromising quality. This mindset permeates every aspect of our operations, ensuring that every product and service we deliver reflects the hallmark of Swiss excellence.


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