Acrotec Group’s strategic expansion: welcome to Dawnlough in the Medtech family

Acrotec Group’s strategic expansion: welcome to Dawnlough in the Medtech family

The Acrotec Group continues to expand its Medtech division by proudly integrating Dawnlough, an Irish company renowned for its high-precision expertise in medical devices. This new alliance underlines Acrotec’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its skills and scale in the medical sector. Strategically located in Galway, Ireland, Dawnlough brings technological know-how and a reputation for excellence, strengthening the Group’s position on the international stage.

A strategic step towards the future

The recent announcement of the acquisition of Dawnlough by the Acrotec Group marks a significant turning point in the company’s development strategy. This strategic acquisition is part of the Acrotec Group’s overall vision to balance and strengthen its various divisions, with a particular focus on the Medtech sector. By integrating Dawnlough, Acrotec is consolidating its commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions in the field of medical devices and to meeting the complex technological challenges associated with this constantly evolving sector.

Dawnlough: A history of excellence and innovation

Founded in 1987, Dawnlough has worked its way to the top of the industry through a commitment to innovation and operational excellence. Located in the heart of Galway, one of the world’s leading medtech clusters, the company has leveraged its prime location to collaborate with some of the most prestigious companies in the sector. Specialising in the design and machining of high precision metals, Dawnlough has built its reputation on providing bespoke solutions ranging from tooling for the industrialisation of medical devices to critical components for the aerospace industry.

Continued investment in cutting-edge technology has kept Dawnlough at the forefront of automation and robotic manufacturing. These advances have enabled the company to increase its production capacity while maintaining unrivalled quality standards. Equipped with a metrology laboratory and compliant with ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards, Dawnlough is committed to maintaining exceptional levels of precision in all its projects, from micromechanics for the cardiovascular sector to critical components for cutting-edge industries.

A new chapter of opportunity

Brian McKeon, Managing Director of Dawnlough, sees the acquisition as an opportunity to extend their reach and collaborate with a world-class company that shares the same core values. This is an exciting step forward for Dawnlough and its customers, as well as for Acrotec’s partners.
Dawnlough’s arrival within the Acrotec Group’s Medtech Division marks a further step forward in our shared quest for excellence, innovation and progress. This synergy of skills and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued evolution of the industries served, while strengthening the Acrotec Group’s position as the undisputed leader in precision and engineering.

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