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Acrotec Medtech - Excellence Through Collaboration

Your one-stop shop for medical equipment contract manufacturing. We create efficient, innovative and bespoke medical device components that offer our clients a true competitive advantage while keeping the wellbeing and comfort of their patients in focus.

Medtech Markets

We are a leading global contact manufacturer for medical implants, surgical instruments, and medical device components in the following markets:

Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic OEMs entrust us with the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and the production of orthopedic implants, prosthetic device components and orthopedic surgery instruments for treatments of various musculoskeletal disorders.

Orthopedic plate

Trauma Implants

Designed meticulously to stabilize and support bones or joints during healing, we produce high-quality trauma implants such as bone plates, interlocking nails, external fixators, intramedullary rods, and advanced locking systems.

Knee implant

Dental Implants

We partner with world-know oral healthcare OEMs, providing them durable and reliable dental implants and dental surgery equipment.

Dental implant

Ophthalmic and ENT Equipment Components

Incomparable expertise in precision machining coupled with advanced CNC equipment enables us to serve the world’s ophthalmic and ENT equipment and instrumentation OEMs with high-quality components.

Pituitary conchotome instrument

Cardiovascular Implants

Our commitment to innovation positions us as a strategic partner to cardiovascular OEMs, providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine standards in the manufacturing of cardiovascular implants and surgical instrumentation.

stent implant

Surgical Instruments

We leverage our diverse expertise in precision machining techniques to create precision surgical instruments of the highest quality for orthopedic, dental, cardiovascular and trauma surgical procedures. 

Navigational system

Medical Device Components

Acrotec Medtech companies support the advancement of life sciences, crafting precision components for medical and laboratory equipment, including gear and metering pumps for IVD systems and dialysis machines.

micro dosing pump

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Components

Acrotec Medtech partners with innovative OEMs, supplying intricate precision components for minimally invasive surgery in ophthalmic, orthopedic, and other fields.

Robotic arm graspers

Acrotec Medtech is a collective of high-precision contract manufacturers gathered to better serve our customers.

Acrotec Medtech company offers integrated medical equipment contract manufacturing services, combining Swiss excellence in precision machining with cutting-edge technology and a global presence. With a client-focused approach, we deliver customized solutions, ensuring quality, efficiency, and reliability throughout the production process.

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Exporting Swiss excellence globally.

Rooted in the Swiss mindset of precision, quality and reliability, our products and services epitomize the essence of Swiss excellence, exported globally with pride.










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Acrotec Medtech

One-Stop-Shop Precision Manufacturing Capabilities

Acrotec Medtech company strategically unites precision machining experts with a common goal: to push the boundaries of medical device manufacturing while meeting the diverse needs of medical OEMs worldwide with high-quality precision components.

Our Capabilities +
medical device cnc turning in medtech company

CNC Turning and Milling

We use cutting-edge CNC 3- to 5-axis turning and milling lathes to produce intricate medical components ranging from 0.1mm to 300mm in diameter.

edm machine in medtech company


Our mastery of EDM techniques allows for the precise machining of small to large series of intricate parts from conductive materials.

medical device micro-machining


Specializing in crafting exceptionally small and intricate components with the strictest tolerances, we empower our customers to integrate precise, nearly imperceptible features into their medical devices.

medical device laser marking in progress


Through the use of non-contact laser marking, Acrotec Medtech company provides its customers with high-precision solutions for permanently identifying and branding their medical products.

medical device laser micro cutting machine


With our laser micro-cutting services, we can create intricate patterns and small-scale components with unparalleled precision, meeting the exacting demands of medical device applications.

Laser microwelding machine

Laser Micro-welding

We excel in micro-scale fusion welding, delivering robust and precise welds for intricate joints and fine assemblies on metals and alloys frequently utilized in medical device manufacturing.

medical stent

Nitinol Processing

Several of our companies specialize in machining and processing Nitinol, a shape memory alloy prized for its unique properties in MedTech innovation.

medical components surface treatment machine

Surface Treatments

As experts in a range of specialized surface treatments, we elevate material properties to offer clients enhanced performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal for their medical components.

Sanblasting chamber

Sandblasting and Bead Blasting

By employing abrasive techniques such as sandblasting and bead blasting, we meticulously clean, finish, and texture surfaces, ensuring both the optimal functionality and appearance of medical components and instruments.

Scientist looking through a microscope

Cleaning and Packaging

Each of our precision-machined components undergoes meticulous cleaning and packaging, ensuring pristine products that meet 100% of the stringent medical sector cleanliness requirements.

medtech company worker in medical device assembling


Going beyond standard assembly, we specialize in micro-assemblies and meticulous construction of sub-assemblies.

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    Our Mission

    Your Preferred Medical Device Manufacturing Partner

    At Acrotec Medtech company we prioritize meaningful collaborations, among our companies and with clients, to spur innovations in medical technologies and mutual growth.

    Mission and Values +

    About Acrotec Medtech Company

    We are a collective of thriving enterprises united by shared values and a dedication to excellence in precision, lasting customer satisfaction, sustainable progress, and the well-being of our employees.

    Research and Development

    Acrotec Medtech's R&D department drives innovation and cross-company synergies, with a dynamic team of seven high-level engineers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of precision manufacturing for medical technologies.

    Quality and Certifications

    Our ISO 13485 certification across all companies reflects our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in the medical device manufacturing industry, complemented by FDA registration, and our dedication to regulatory compliance and product safety.

    Management for Success

    We bring together visionary business leaders fostering courageous and determined teams and continual progress. Prioritizing company independence, we offer strategic support and access to resources for accelerated growth.

    Discover why clients choose to work with Acrotec Medtech

    Discover why clients choose to work with Acrotec Medtech

    Acrotec Medtech delivers comprehensive contract manufacturing, merging Swiss precision, cutting-edge technology, reliable customer service and global presence to provide customized medtech solutions with unmatched quality, efficiency, and durability.

    Acrotec has received the “Best Managed Companies” award in 2022 and 2023.
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    Acrotec Medtech at OMTEC 2024 : A Synergy of Precision and Innovation

    30. May 2024

    Acrotec Medtech is excited to announce its participation in OMTEC 2024 (Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference), taking place from June 11 to 13 in Chicago. We will be at booth 105, showcasing the excellence and innovation of our member companies: AFT Micromécanique, Axial Medical, Dawnlough, Diener AG Precision Machining, Friedrich Daniels, Takumi and […]

    Acrotec Medtech at OMTEC 2024 : A Synergy of Precision and Innovation